Improve the Study and Organizational Skills of Your Child

Most of the times parents complain that their children are intelligent but still they don’t score according to their capabilities only because they are not organized and don’t plan to study properly. If you are also one of those parents then don’t worry because you can easily alter these habits of your children and can make them study more efficiently by helping them to improve their study and organizational skills. Remember that it is important to work on both areas, owing to the fact that a student cannot study effectively unless he or she learns to organize the stuff like assignments, notes, time table etc. You can improve the organization and study skills of your child by following these simple tips.

  1. Set a Good Study Corner for Your Children

Doing the assignments, homework, and test preparation anywhere in the house is not a good idea as there can be so many distractions around which demotivates the child to learn by heart. Set a proper study space which must be distant enough from television, PC, radio or telephone to cut the unnecessary and distracting voices while the child is busy doing his schoolwork. Provide the study corner with everything a student possibly need like stationary, calculator, notebooks, extra sheets and even a water bottle so that the child would not need to take gaps quite often. Always ask your kid to rearrange the study corner neatly, after getting done with daily home assignments or study so that the child learns to organize his place well.  

  1. Make Your Children Habitual Of Using Notebooks

Buy your child a beautiful notebook and ask him to note extra things in it like queries regarding the topic, tests schedule, parents-teacher meeting schedule, etc. Taking notes in the notebook does not only help in retrieving the important things but also make the person organized. It will also help the kid not to miss out any important test date or assignment. However, you need to check their notebook often too. Also ask your kid to write the summary of every lesson in the notebook, in his own words, as it will make your child learn that studying is more than just doing usual assignments.

  1. Help with Homework

Children always seek the attention of their parents so no matter how mature you think your child has grown now, help him completing the homework often and ask if he needs help thus also encourage him if he does something really well. As a parent, you must also keep a check on the child for the signs of anxiety and frustration in case the home assignment is difficult.

To solve the problem of frustration, make your child habitual of reading the instructions carefully before starting any homework or the paper then do it step by step.

  1. Ask the Child to Organize the Time

Never allow the kid to prepare the assignment only a day before submission or to learn for the exam just a day before the date. Take the annual calendar from school and ask the kid to follow it by organizing the time and daily hours to study. Encourage the child to use calendars given in the notebook to mark all the important dates, tests, events and the total time he has for completing the assignments or exam preparation.

Remember that children cannot develop these skills just after telling them once. Organizing notebooks, assignments, time and study space requires constant monitoring for some children before they can automatically and independently apply these skills.’